Relationships Relationships relationships. We all have them, we all need them and sometimes they come with drama!

Red Flags is a multi cultural movie that focuses on the challenges of young people in different types of relationships and how to overcome them. It subtly shows the effects (good and bad) of our choices and even teaches how to use warfare to break spiritual chains that have held families down for years.

Red Flags 1 and 2 were premiered in multiple cities with good response. The DVD’s were released in the Spring of 2014. Red Flags 3 will be released in 2016.

In Red Flags 1, Maria loses her boyfriend, he dumps her and gets engaged to another girl in 2 weeks. The girl goes to her church! Should she have listened to her mother in the first place? Juarez loses his wife to a smooth talking jobless man who sweeps women off their feet – to dupe them. She complains she never saw her husband at home, he worked too much. Amigel continues to meet guys who have no purpose, no vision, money hungry vultures. Is there a curse following her or is she looking in the wrong places? Stacey meets a nice gentleman who loves the Lord and seems to really like her. But he has 2 children from a previous relationship – he says the other woman is crazy, is that a red flag?

In Red Flags 2, we see the actions each of the characters take - and they don't all take the right ones! So we follow the effects of their actions. In Red Flags 3, we will see the resolution of some of the catastrophes in the previous series and how the power of God can bring restoration even to a twisted and chaos-filled life. However, it is never an easy path. 

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