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Music. Inspiration. Jammin'

Lifting his name .... praise unlimited !!!

Through medical school, Angela always wrote songs that uplifted her. Though she had challenges, God helped her through as she navigated the American school system with limited funds and parents far away. Keeping to the laws of the land and standing for Christ was another battle, it seemed all the easy ways out were the ungodly ones. 

Angela kept strong by singing, praising, keeping her eyes on Jesus. She continued with church, singing with choirs and staying with families that encouraged her through her battles. At long last, at her medical school graduation in Kansas City, MO  - Angela created a music CD that gave God her praise and told some of her stories. 

Now debuting her 3rd album release, she continues to praise God because He has been good. Even through her residency, she continued to sing and pray. "Staying true to God requires you to be grateful, because not only do all things work out for good but He that started that good work is always faithful to complete it". 

This is a testimony to God's goodness. Check out more at lordoflordsmusic.com

She continues to use music to encourage and inspire. "If God did it for me, He will do it for you too". But don't  be fooled by all the degrees behind her name, 'Praizee' is what the likes of 'Jedi, the Comedian' have called Angela. She delivers jamming reggae praise with a melodious voice, high energy and busting reggae rhymes. Check out some of her music for free on cdbaby.com and download music.